7 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Following

Are you trying to grow your following on Facebook? Good for you! There’s nothing like the power of a strong community. Do you know who else knows this? Facebook. And they want to help you grow, too. With that in mind, let’s take a look at seven ways to grow your audience.

Grow Your Facebook Following With These Tips

Optimize Your Posts With Hashtags

Using hashtags to optimize your posts is an effective way to grow your Facebook following. A hashtag is simply a keyword that is preceded by the # sign. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, but be sure they are relevant and make sense within the context of your post.

When posting on social media, it’s important not just to use hashtags but also to look at their results so you can get feedback about what works and what doesn’t work for you (and for other brands). Take note of which have high impressions (number of times users see them), clicks (number of times people click on them), likes, comments, and more. These metrics give insight into how effective each individual hashtag has been in driving engagement with users who click through from Facebook posts containing that tag word or phrase

Join Facebook Groups To Grow Your Audience

You can also find and join Facebook groups that are relevant to your industry, target audience, niche, or even what you want to promote. People who are in the same group as you will see your updates in their newsfeed.

If you have a blog or an online business, then it’s likely that they would be interested in similar things, so this is a great way of building up engagement with potential customers.

Ask Questions

Ask a question that is relevant to your audience. The best way to engage your followers is by asking questions they can answer and sharing them with others in the comments section.

Ask a question that is easy to answer. If you ask people a question with many steps or require research, it will be difficult for them to respond unless they’re already familiar with the subject. If possible, try asking questions about something everyone knows about (like their favorite food or why they like Facebook). This will make it easier for people to give an opinion without spending too much time thinking about it first. 

Use Calls To Action On Your Facebook Posts

Be sure to include a call to action at the end of your posts, such as asking people to like or comment if they found what you posted interesting/helpful, etc., or telling them where they can find more information on the topic in a post they can click on (like an image link).

Calls to action are a great way to get your audience to interact with your content. They can be used to drive traffic to your website or to get people to like, comment, and share your content.

Here are some examples of the different calls to action you could use:

  • “Like this post, if you think [INSERT CONTENT HERE]”
  • “Comment on this post if you agree/disagree with [INSERT CONTENT HERE]”
  • “Share this story if it resonates with you!”

Create Short, Sweet Value-Filled Posts

Keep it short and sweet, make sure your posts have value and use your voice by sharing personal stories or insights that show who your company is as a “person” (and clarify how you can help others).

Be authentic because people will notice if what you’re posting is inauthentic.

Keep Your Content Fresh And Varied

When it comes to posting, the more you post, the more likely people will see your content. However, that doesn’t mean that you should go overboard and post every day—in fact, posting too much (or too little) could hurt your engagement rates. 

As a general rule, aim for three to five weekly posts on Facebook and one or two daily on Instagram.

If you’re nervous about posting too much or too little, there are tools out there that allow you to schedule posts in advance, so they go live at specific times throughout the week (e.g., Wednesday morning). This is an especially good strategy if you want fresh content every day but don’t want to take up all of your time during prime hours trying (and failing) not to miss any opportunities!

Post Consistently

The first thing you should do when building your following is to post at least once a day. The more often you post, the faster your following will grow but don’t go all out and post every hour on the hour just because that’s what everyone else is doing. 

Posting multiple times in one day may make you look desperate—and nobody wants to follow someone who looks desperate! It also means that any shared content will be lost among other posts and won’t get as many views as other posts spaced out throughout the week or month. As long as people can identify with who you are and trust that what they see from you online is authentic, there shouldn’t be any issue with posting consistently at least once per day (if not more).

In addition to posting regularly on Facebook, try staying active by interacting with others and sharing their content as well!


There you have it—our seven best tips for growing your Facebook following. If you want to grow your page and get more engagement from your audience, these are the ways to do it. Try out some of these strategies, see which ones work best for your brand, and then stick with them! 

Remember: consistency is key in any social media strategy. Keep posting consistently and sharing quality content that resonates with your audience. Before long, they will come flocking back to your posts again and again—and hopefully, stick around forever!

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