What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

It is a well known fact that entrepreneurs wear many hats — having to juggle almost every facet of their business as they build it from the ground up. But at some point, balancing multiple efforts amongst the slew of everyday operational tasks becomes overwhelming, losing its efficiency in the process. As your business expands, you may begin to consider outsourcing some tasks, so that you can focus on other efforts such as strategizing and building solutions for growth. 

When it comes to digital marketing agencies, finding the perfect fit may feel akin to dating. The relationship between you and the agency you choose needs to be symbiotic, with both sides being able to effectively communicate. Who you choose will be responsible for bringing your creative ideas to life, either making or breaking the future trajectory of your business. The pressure is on.

But fear not! If you are on the hunt, collect your thoughts and consider these six questions before settling on your final choice. Remember, who you work with will have to be able to weave effective SEO, social media content, email marketing, copywriting, and/or web design into your brand. The relationship needs to be one of shared values, from which you both can benefit from in the long term. 

What am I looking to accomplish?

The first question asks you to look internally and consider your own marketing goals for your business. If you begin your search for an agency whilst unprepared, you’re instantly setting yourself up for failure. Without specific objectives, not only do you risk communication errors, but the wrong firms may also try to take advantage of you — overselling you on solutions and underselling on results. 

Think before you act. Write out a plan, with a clear vision of what you want for your brand and from the marketing agency you hope to work with. Are you looking to boost sales? Build a new website? Increase social media efforts? Your own vision needs to be fleshed out first before you pitch it to any else. 

What services do you provide?

This part requires a little research on your end too. Based on your answers from the question above, consider what type of services you yourself may need help with. Do you want to enhance your social media content? Or maybe you need assistance with SEO implementation? Maybe your copywriting is off and you need help finding the right words that speak to your audience? Whatever the case may be, come up with a list of agencies that specialize in the specific field you need help with. And be sure to have at least a few options ready before reaching out to anyone. 

Consider as well whether they have any expertise in your field. This is not a necessity, but some agencies, in addition to covering the basics, also specialize in niche fields. For instance, at Kurv, in addition to general services we also specialize in the fields of real estate, legal, mortgage, tax & accounting, HVAC & plumbing, and dental. 

Do you have case studies or references? 

The firm you choose should have at least some experience working with a business of your size and within your industry. Upon meeting, ask for references or check their website for a portfolio section. Be sure to also do adequate research for client reviews and testimonials via their website, Yelp and Google. LinkedIn is another great resource to see who they have connections with and if they align with your own. This is a fantastic way to get a sneak peak of the company culture, as if you plan to be working together, this is something you’ll want to consider. 

Similarly, ask about any unsuccessful projects. These offer just as much, if not more, insights into the agency. If they offer an honest answer, you’ll know that they aren’t afraid to be transparent — an important factor.  

Do expectations align? 

Whomever you choose to work with, it is crucial to make sure that expectations align. Some agencies prefer that clients be hands on, while others like the opposite. Similarly, some businesses like to be invested and have more input than others throughout the process. Make sure to talk this through and confirm that each of you are able to deliver on the others needs and expectations. 

Your goal should be to work with someone long term, who can grow alongside you as your business does. The more effective your communication is from the start, the more attention you’ll be able to put on the important stuff — your business. 

What results do they promise? 

Be careful of agencies that oversell on results. As with anything, if it sounds too good to be true, unfortunately, it most likely is. Any agency promising you instantaneous results, for example, is simply trying to get money from you. Walk away. 

The truth is, finding effective marketing solutions takes time, and the more competitive your industry, the longer it may take. This doesn’t mean you should sit around and wait for solutions forever. Rather, set realistic expectations and goals. Check in on analytics periodically, and ask to see what analytics tools they are using to track progress. If they sell you on something, ask to see proof of delivery using the tactics they’ve mentioned.

Finding the ideal digital marketing agency to work with you and your brand may seem like a daunting task, but more power lies in your hands than you may think. So long as you come prepared with adequate research, and effectively communicate your needs and expectations, then you’ll have what you need to make the proper decision. 

At Kurv Agency, we specialize in helping you with all your marketing needs. Whether it be building a custom marketing strategy or designing and developing your new website Our goal is to make you stand out from your competition online. Take a look at our website, and if you think we’re the team for you — reach out! We look forward to hearing from you.